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It’s not 090909 anymore?

I know but….

I have nothing to say that day, OK?


Am so sick of exam [also study here? Nop, am not hope so.]

I just finish mid exam of econ yesterday, it’s suck.

I have no idea what’s the heck they talking about?

Why doesn’t lecture tell us that v can bring dic?

Damn it !


Next week am free of exam but I have to submit the report.

But next 2 weeks I’ve got 1 test ‘n also have to submit assessment.

Bcz of 1 yr course, everything’s quite rush.



I should quit watching or listening 2pm’s , coz it make me miss u, jay

Leaderja, it means only u.

Even if am not the hottest [‘n also not really VIP or Cas], but I likely to saw u as 2pm’s leader.

I have no idea what’s going on but it’ll much more better if u back.


p.s. I seem like always crush on SO who name park. [park jaebom, park yoochun,…]

p.p.s. the light thicked cream is suck, I cant whip it. So, v should use the full fat one, right?





ซัพ ไทย บ้างงง

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เป็นไรป่าวอ่ะหนู โอเคนะ

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